ekko’s proud partnership with the Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition

In April 2021, we launched ekko in the UK with a five-year exclusive, strategic partnership with Mastercard as part of the company’s Priceless Planet Coalition.

We are the first UK fintech to join the Coalition, and we’re super proud of our partnership.

Research on sustainability, commissioned by Mastercard, revealed that environmental issues have become an even more pressing concern for consumers, in comparison to pre-pandemic times:

  • Globally, a large proportion of adults (85%) state they’re willing to take personal action to combat environmental and sustainability issues in 2021

  • Two in five Brits (43%) now see reducing their carbon footprint more important than pre-pandemic

With big ambitions together, and a united vision, Mastercard and ekko are focused on building a more sustainable future for our planet.

What is the Priceless Planet Coalition?

The Priceless Planet Coalition is a worldwide initiative aiming to combat climate change.

The Coalition was set up by Mastercard in January 2020, working alongside Conservation International and World Resources Institute to restore 100 million trees around the world by 2025.

ekko is one of many partners united in the goal to create a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

The goals of Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition are to:

  • Restore 100 million trees around the world by 2025

  • Plant trees in regions which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on climate change based on scientific evidence

  • Restore trees through a combination of efforts from consumers, businesses, financial institutions and cities

  • Mastercard has also pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 at the beginning of the year with Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) approval for its greenhouse gas goals

  • Unite as a force for good so that our planet can thrive

“At Mastercard we are focused on building a future that is both more inclusive and more sustainable, and we are thrilled to have been chosen by ekko to partner with them as they make it easier for people to make a difference to the environment while going about their everyday lives."


"By embedding sustainability into every transaction, we can empower even more consumers to better understand the impact of their purchases and turn that into meaningful action for the planet.”


Scott Abrahams

Senior Vice President, Business Development, Mastercard UK & Ireland

How we’re helping: ekko’s mission and part in the coalition

Our mission is to help our customers to plant over 50 million trees and prevent over 500 million bottles entering our oceans over the next five years. And what easier way than to simply tap your debit card? With every transaction, there’s a positive reaction.

As an ekko customer you can go about your daily life as usual, shopping, buying a coffee or paying bills…and good vibes will echo around the world. This way, people can make big positive impacts to the environment in little ways, without changing a thing.

With ekko, you can:

  • Plant trees with your transactions. For every 50 transactions with the ekko debit card you pay for a tree to be planted though our partnership. Why every 50? To have the biggest impact on our climate, each tree planted is based on the latest research on geography, biodiversity and weather conditions. Every tree is maintained for the first five years to make sure they survive and grow into adult trees.
  • Help with ocean-bound bottle collection. We’ve also partnered with award-winning Prevented Ocean Plastic. This means that with every five transactions with the card, ocean-bound plastic bottles are collected and recycled instead.
  • Be part of the wider ekko ‘enviroconomy’ with our marketplace. There is often too much choice today with eco-friendly brands, and it can be difficult to get hold of the right products, and know where to look. ekko also gives customers access to a curated list of sustainable partners, offering climate-friendly goods and services on our marketplace, as part of the wider ‘enviroconomy.’

How you can help

ekko lets you track your sustainability efforts with ease. You can start to change the world while making your daily purchases, and track your positive change contribution, seeing your actions in action.

With ekko, you can:

  • Use your card to spend with sustainability in mind
  • Buy the best eco-friendly products from our marketplace
  • Watch your own forest growing as your actions plant trees
  • Monitor your carbon footprint via a ‘carbonmeter’ linked to your bank transactions
  • Count how many bottles are collected with your actions
  • Understand the environmental impact you’ve made with bottles collected and trees planted

Learn more about our mission and take part

To learn more about ekko and Mastercard’s united mission, and how you can be a part of it: